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Domain Names & Intellectual Property

Headshot photo of Paul Minshull
Paul Minshull
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer
1-877-HERITAGE (877-437-4824)  x1266
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As Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Paul Minshull’s responsibilities include integrating sales, personnel, inventory, security, web, and internal applications and managing a staff of over 600 people in multiple locations around the US, Asia, and Europe. Paul oversees the company’s highly-regarded IT department and is responsible for Heritage’s Web development, now a significant portion of its business model. Major innovations include the patented Heritage Live online bidding platform and over 75,000 unique visitors a day to, generating over $1b in annual sales.  As the first auction house that combined traditional floor bidding with active Internet bidding, the interactive systems have catapulted Heritage to the top Collectibles and Fine Art website (Forbes Magazine’s “Best of the Web”).  Paul joined Heritage in 1984, and since 1994 he has been the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer for all Heritage companies and affiliates.