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Guided Navigation

What is Guided Navigation?
How do I start my search?
How do I narrow my search?
How do I expand my search?

What is Guided Navigation?
Guided navigation is the ability to add and remove keywords and categorizations of items to filter your results. As you add these filters, they appear in the breadcrumb trail above the search results. You can remove any filter from the breadcrumb trail at any time.

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How do I start my search?
Start your search as you've always done. From the home page, catalog home page, or search page, you can select a keyword and choose a coin type such as "Nickels" or "Barber Half Dollars", and then click "Search". Much of the time, this will be all you need!

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How do I narrow my search?
The real power of Guided Navigation is the ability to narrow your search results. The left column allows you to add filters, such as "Coin Category", "Current Bid Range", "Reserve Status", "Coin Grade", "Mintmark", and so on. Each time you make such a selection, the listing of results will become smaller, showing only those items that meet all the criteria you have selected. You can also add or change a keyword, such as "1909-S", at any time, if that will help your search. Sometimes a new selection will open up new sub-selection possibilities; for instance, if you start your search by looking at all Silver and Related Dollars, you can then narrow your search to just Morgan Dollars, Early Dollars, Peace Dollars, or whichever suits your collecting interests best.

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How do I expand my search?
You can add or drop fields or keywords from your results at any time. Above the listing of results is a complete list of the filters you have selected. Click on the remove link next to any filter to remove it, and the page will refresh to show all items matching the new broader specifications.

For Example:
Imagine — you collect Indian Head Cents. You want the highest quality coins available, and you are only interested in Red coins. How do you search for them?

Start by choosing "Indian Cents" from the drop-down menu on the home page or search page. This will result in a listing of all Indian cents we have available for auction or purchase.

Now, choose one from Coin Designation:

  • BN
  • Rb
  • RD
  • CA
  • DC

You can choose the designation of your coin directly, rather than have to depend on keywords! And only those designations that actually apply to your search will show; you won't have to search through meaningless terms like Full Steps:

Of course, you might now want to look at only circulation strikes, so choose MS/Unspecified (the default) from Coin Finish:

  • MS/Unspecified
  • Proofs

What about grading service? Our many Registry Set collectors might have that on their mind. If this matters to you, go to Coin Grading Service and choose the service — or services — that most interest you; you can choose as many as you want:

  • NGC
  • PCGS
  • ICG

And maybe you're only interested in the finest available quality. From Coin Grade choose the grade — or grades; again, you can choose as many as you want — that you're looking for:

  • AU50-AU58
  • MS60-MS62
  • MS63
  • MS64
  • MS65
  • MS66
  • MS67
  • MS68

Or even a featured Coin in an auction, in Highlights:

  • Featured
  • New Inventory
  • JH Exceptional
  • Virtual Bourse

And, if you like and haven't done so already — add a keyword (use the box right below "Refine Your Results"). You can change a keyword you've already used in the same place:

  • 1907

To change your search from Indian Head Cents to Nickels while keeping all of the other criteria you've already chosen, click "Remove" next to your selection of Indian Head Cents at top, then choose "Nickels" from the list of denominations on the left.

Keep in mind always that your available search selections are on the left side of the page, and that the listing of selections you've already made is at the top, and that you can always remove a selection you've already made by clicking on the "Remove" link next to it. You can also restart a search from scratch at any time by using the textbox and dropdown menus at the top of the page. Remember: once you've reached the search page, you can make your selections in any order!

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