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Headshot photo of Holly Culbreath

Holly Culbreath
Art - Fine & Decorative

Inquiries Coordinator, Fine & Decorative Arts
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1444

Headshot photo of James Gannon

James Gannon

Director of Rare Books
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1609

Headshot photo of Kristen Schultz

Kristen Schultz

Category Marketing Manager
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1775

Headshot photo of Lon Allen

Lon Allen
Comics & Comic Art

Managing Director, Comics & Comic Art
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1261

Headshot photo of David Mayfield

David Mayfield

Vice President - Heritage Auctions
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1277

Headshot photo of Aron Meystedt

Aron Meystedt
Domains & Intellectual Property

Founder and Director, Intellectual Property
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1362

Headshot photo of Dustin Johnston

Dustin Johnston

Director of Currency Auctions
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1302

Headshot photo of Margaret Barrett

Margaret Barrett
Entertainment Memorabilia

Director, Entertainment & Music Memorabilia
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1912

Headshot photo of Ed Jaster

Ed Jaster
Illustration Art & Photography

Senior VP, Heritage Auctions
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1288

Headshot photo of Grey Smith

Grey Smith
Movie Posters

Director, Vintage Movie Poster Auctions
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1367

Headshot photo of Craig Kissick

Craig Kissick
Nature & Science

Director, Nature & Science
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1995

Headshot photo of Jim Wolf

Jim Wolf

Director of Watches & Fine Timepieces
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1659

Headshot photo of Frank Martell

Frank Martell

Senior Director, Fine & Rare Wine
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1753

Headshot photo of Mark Prendergast

Mark Prendergast
Trusts & Estates

Director of Trusts & Estates
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1632

Headshot photo of Tom Slater

Tom Slater

Director of Americana Auctions
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1441

Headshot photo of Jill Burgum

Jill Burgum

Senior Director of Fine Jewelry, Dallas
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1697

Headshot photo of Diane D'Amato

Diane D'Amato
Luxury Accessories

Director, Luxury Accessories, New York
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1901

Headshot photo of Nate Schar

Nate Schar
Real Estate

Director, Luxury Real Estate

Headshot photo of Chris Ivy

Chris Ivy
Sports Collectibles

Director of Sports Auctions
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  x1319


We also host specialty auctions for all sorts of collectibles and can help you get the most for your collection.

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