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Standard Appraisal Fee Schedule

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Written Appraisals:

$500 minimum appraisal fee or $350 per hour per Appraiser, whichever is higher. A daily rate of $2,500 per day for extensive on-site appraisals, plus out-of-pocket and travel expenses. All fees to be billed and payable upon delivery of the formal appraisal document.

Travel Time:

In addition to the appraisal fee, travel time will be charged at $175 an hour, after the first hour of travel from our offices, plus airfare, hotel, and car rental (excluding gas), where needed. Estimated costs will be provided and agreed to before commencing any appraisal work.

Heritage does offer no-cost evaluations of property for potential appraisal or sale. Our initial consultation and even on-site evaluation will be free of charge. Please speak with our Appraisal Services Department for scheduling an evaluation.

Appraisal Fee Rebates

If you later choose to sell property listed in a Heritage appraisal through a Heritage auction or private sale, all appraisal fees are fully refundable against the auction Seller's Commissions (but not against Buyer's Premiums) at a prorated rate based on the number and value of property consigned for sale.

Verbal Auction Valuations

If you are considering selling your property at auction and do not need a formal written appraisal, Heritage provides free and confidential auction estimate valuations of property. Please follow this link to our free auction evaluation form to request valuation of your collection.

Corporate Collections and Museum Appraisals

Corporate and Museum Collections require regularly updated appraisals for insurance, loans or asset evaluations. Heritage offers discounted yearly contracts for verbal or written appraisals, as well as, complete collection cataloging and valuations. Please contact Meredith Meuwly at 214-409-1631 to discuss how Heritage may be of assistance.

Click here to request a free auction estimate.

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Meredith Meuwly, ISA CAPP

Meredith Meuwly, ISA CAPP
Vice President, Director of Appraisal Services

Museum Institutional and Corporate Art Services
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  1631

Rachel Weathers

Rachel Weathers
Senior Appraiser

Fine & Decorative Arts
1-877-HERITAGE (437-4824)  1536