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What is Automobilia?

Automobilia Is The Combination Of Two Words: Automobile And Memorabilia.

It describes historical artifacts or collectibles linked to motorcars, motor racing and motorsport personalities. Automobilia sold in previous Heritage auctions include Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR race-worn fire suit from 1995's Daytona 500, the poster for the 1971 Steve McQueen movie Le Mans, in-car tool kits, a motorized scale model of a 1933-1936 Bugatti Type 59, vintage pedal cars, and automobile mascots.

Automobilia excludes fully or partially complete vehicles, although engines, engine parts and other components are often classified as automobilia. Art, models, books, toys, flags and clothing with a motoring theme also fall into the automobilia category. The most popular pieces of automobilia date to before 1970.

Automobilia Consignments Sought

Marque Specific Items

Vintage Memorabilia from Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Porsche, Duesenberg, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and other Similar Marques

Automotive Art

Vintage Event Related Photographs and Posters, Paintings, Prints and Sculptures Vintage Petroliana (gas pumps and signage) Vintage Automotive Signage

Rare Vintage OEM Items

Mascots, Luggage Sets, In-Car Tool Kits and Owners Manuals, Picnic Baskets

Vintage Motorsports

Historical Race Worn Items, Historical Racing Trophies and Awards Historically Significant Engine/Engine Components


Vintage Pedal Cars, Toys & Models 1:8 Scale and Larger, Rare Automotive Literature