The Dr. Mark W. Cooper Collection of Vintage Baseball Games

Heritage is pleased and honored to present the undisputed finest compilation of vintage baseball-themed board games extant to the collecting community. Painstakingly assembled by leading hobby expert Dr. Mark Cooper, this collection of over 250 games spans a full century (1860's to 1960's). It includes some of the rarest and most well-preserved examples known to exist. Cooper literally wrote the book on this challenging subgenre of vintage baseball collecting with his definitive hardcover guide Baseball Games: Home Versions of the National Pastime. A full chapter in Stephen Wong's Smithsonian Baseball: Inside the World's Finest Private Collections added further luster and notoriety to this unique assemblage, helping to establish this as one of the most noteworthy private collections ever to be made available for private sale.

The collection is likewise cataloged by Cooper himself in the 1995 hardcover volume Baseball Games: Home Versions of the National Pastime, the definitive text for this unique collecting subgenre. It's unquestionably one of the most famous private sporting collections ever made available for public sale. Its historical significance as it relates to our National Pastime is unique in its presentation. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Chris Ivy to discuss the details of the collection, and to receive our full brochure featuring the highlights and details of this offering.

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Our National Game of Baseball

Clarkson/Brouthers Champion Game Baseball

Worlds Game of Baseball 1889 Tour

Babe Ruth Milton Bradley Rare Version

The New Parlor Game With Box

E-E-Yah Baseball With Envelope

Bliss League Parlor Baseball With Instructions

Goose Goslin

E.R. Williams Card Game With Board

Uncle Sams Baseball Game

Baseball Game Mclough, Five Spin

Major League Indoor Baseball 1913

Mayo Cut Plug Game With Figures

Bliss Wooden Carnival Figure

Game of Baseball, McLoughlin, Metal Figures

Ducky Medwick, Own Game/Letter

Ottman Baseball 8x8

Parlor Game of Baseball Hayward

Zimmers Game With Box

Walter Johnson, Autographed on Arm

Hit or Miss. Black Figure

Reeds Game of Baseball

Fortune Teller Chicago vs Boston

Walter Johnson, Brown Version

Baseball Dominos

Home Baseball Board

Sporting Life Ewing/Keefe

Pee Wee Reese