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The Tick Online Auction

On the list of Greatest TV Series Canceled Way Too Soon, Amazon Prime's The Tick sits near the very top, alongside only a few other could-have-been, should-have-been classics cut down in their, well, primes.

Now, fans of the series will have to settle for not just the next best thing but the very best thing: a chance to own significant items from the original series in an exclusive auction, presented by ScreenBid and Heritage Auctions.

Sweet, sincere, sardonic -- Tick creator Ben Edlund's third (and many believe best) on-screen iteration of the nigh-indestructible blue naïf without a past should have lasted well into the future. Instead, the show set in The City where superheroes are real (and often really funny) lasted but two seasons and 22 episodes from 2016 until 2019 -- long enough only to make you want more.

"Things can either be venerated or rot away, and any sustained interest in something like this only means it made a real connection," Edlund said in advance of the auction. "One of the things about doing this show that was really wonderful was the amazing artists who came together and made all of these ideas into realities. The idea that it's going to continue to provide enjoyment is for the best."

On offer at auction are 129 pieces in all, including full costumes, masks and models, blood-stained ponchos and AEGIS ID cards, weapons and watches. All that and a bag of chips -- literally, as the auction even includes a couple of bags of sea-salted stakeout snacks. Perfect for the devoted fan -- or maybe someone wanting to make Season Three in their backyard.